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Cozy and Comfortable

I have a deep desire to feel protected, safe, loved, and cherished. I love to rest while gazing at the beautiful, and I yearn for peace and harmony like it's my job. While all of these are good things, I think a lot of times I have misguided desires which thrusts comfort at the center of what I am craving. Comfort seems to be the safest thing to yearn for because, in some skewed sense, I feel like I can achieve it by myself. I can pursue my career, pay my bills, relax, make good food, work out, read, write, and pray on my own. It seems like, with very little effort (or a lot of effort, depending on the day), I can be quite content when I follow my schedule.  But is this the path that I am called to walk towards heaven?  Ease? Comfort? Schedules? Is sanctity reliant on safety? Were the saints merely content? While it seems like peace is something that can only be obtained when everything is functioning like clockwork, I hardly think that I am living like a saint when everything

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